How to acquire independent hacker-style IT knowledge?

How to acquire independent hacker-style IT knowledge?

In the digital era, learning new tech skills have become a must to meet employers’ needs. During the coronavirus lockdown, many people lost their jobs due to their lack of technical knowledge. Since digital devices can be vulnerable to cyberattacks, many people are concerned about developing their cybersecurity potential.

In 2021, there are many ways to update your toolkit. However, with a wide range of alternatives, how to know which road you should take. Often, when people talk about hacking, they believe only bad people do it. Nonetheless, ethical hacking is an IT branch that has gained more ground day after day. If you’re looking to acquire independent hacker-style IT knowledge, these are the options you should consider these days. They will help you keep your personal information and companies sensitive data safe.

Take free coding courses in a coding bootcamp

Nowadays, coding schools have become very people. They have helped many workers to move forward and overcome the COVID-19 unemployment crisis. Although they offer paid programs, students can still apply for free coding courses.

Learning how to code will help you become a tech-savvy individual. However, to learn hacker-style IT skills, you need more than just learning how to type sophisticated solutions. In fact, most cybersecurity experts and hackers have developed their analytical and decision-making skills to stand out from the crowd. 

Cybersecurity engineers often have programming tools like Python, Bash, C, and C++ in their skillset. Hence, they can develop almost any program to keep valuable information secure. Python is a fantastic option for those who seek to start in the tech world. Since its syntax is very user-friendly, going from 0 to hero won’t be a problem. 

On the other side, you can also learn software engineer skills to become an ethical hacker. At App Acadamy, you can apply for a free course that enables you to learn by hands-on projects. As a result, you’ll know how to deal with rapidly advancing threats and build great solutions to catch other hackers. 

Take advantage of coding communities

If you are like Han Solo and you prefer to learn by yourself, don’t hesitate to ask for help in coding communities like StackOverflow. No matter what your coding skills are, if you are working on a project, but you got stuck, you will probably find a solution at StackOverflow. These days, collaborative learning is changing education, and StackOverflow is helping tech people learn faster.

At Stack Overflow, there are always people willing to help. In that case, there’s no doubt that you’ll find a solution to your problem. Don’t forget to apply your analytical skills to learn the best techniques and provide better results.  

Attend virtual events to meet experts in the field and get familiar with in-demand tech tools

New technologies are transforming the world as we see it. Therefore, getting familiar with in-demand tech inventions has become a must for those who seek to learn IT skills. Becoming an independent ethical hacker requires hard work and patience. Its ethical hackers have a time-consuming job and often have a lot of responsibilities on their shoulders. For example, if you seek to learn how to keep data safe, you first need to learn systems’ vulnerabilities and security protocols. Otherwise, you won’t be able to prevent cyberattacks.

In 2021, learning Machine learning skills have become essential. Consequently, you should attend virtual events to acquire ML knowledge. Above all, it makes repetitive tasks a lot easier. Blockchain is another new technology that has reinvented the market. It enables engineers to build up more secure networks in the cybersecurity field as well as improve companies’ security strategies. Additionally, you should remember that most cryptocurrency transactions take advantage of blockchain to avoid cyberattacks.

Make Youtube your new best friend

Youtube is among the best websites in 2021. Although many people use it for entertainment, there’s a wide range of videos for educational purposes. Video-assisted learning makes the learning process much comfortable. Hence, getting equipped with network administration, system administration, and other hacker-style IT skills is less challenging. 

Nowadays, if you want to become a white hat hacker, you’ll need to understand how hardware and software work and modern multi-cryptography. For many people, it can be a struggle. Nevertheless, I can guarantee that Youtube will help you get a better idea of how security-related technologies work.


In general, becoming a cybersecurity expert can be a huge challenge for several people. But, considering these alternatives will make your journey way more comfortable. Don’t forget that education is crucial in the 21st century. Given that, enrolling in a coding bootcamp is a great way to stay relevant. If you’re not sure of what coding bootcamp you should enroll in, you should visit Bootcamp Rankings. Its website offers a list of the best coding bootcamps in 2021. Also, keep in mind that learning software-hardware development, SolidState retrofit development, and system integration skills is vital if you want to show off.