Prominent Career Paths to Pursue During a Global Pandemic

Covid-19 has affected the workforce in new and unforeseen ways. Millions around the world have found themselves without jobs and struggling to reenter the workforce. For some, this is proving to be a chaotic and distressing time but, for others, is proving to be a clean slate where entirely new careers are now open to them. 

Believe it or not, many people around the world are not in love with the career they have. A report by the Washington Post found that only roughly 13 percent of people actually enjoyed going to work. Therefore, Covid-19 has presented a unique opportunity for people to switch career paths to a new field. The question remains: what are the best careers to enter during a global pandemic?

Software Engineering

As far as smart professions to enter go, software engineering is one of the best. Software engineers are responsible for building the systems that companies use every single day for various business processes. Without talented software engineers at the helm, companies would never have survived into this digital age or through the pandemic as well.

What makes software engineering such an excellent job path to pursue is its growth potential. While job openings have been steadily rising, per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the barrier to entry for this field has significantly been reduced. For those unfamiliar, a field’s barrier to entry is the stipulations required to enter that field, that typically turn most people away.

However, it has never been easier to become a software engineer. With so much added attention on the field in recent years, alternative forms of education have been popping up that are capable of teaching anyone everything they need to know about software engineering. Career Karma features a list of prominent trade schools that can turn around talented graduates in just over a year for most cases. Entering this field simply requires an interest, as well as passion, for the work to be performed. 

Web Design

It would be foolish to assume that everybody considering entering the tech field has extensive knowledge and skills with technology. Software engineering requires intensive coding skills and not everybody may enjoy learning those languages. Therefore, here is a tech career that requires little technical skill, yet is still applicable to the general workforce.

While you may not need deep skills with tech, becoming a web designer is all about being creative and having an eye for aesthetics. As you may have guessed by the name, web designers create the aspects of websites that you interact with every single day. Without web designers, your favorite sites would look bland and not very interactive at all.

With the growing number of companies around the Internet, it’s becoming more and more clear just how useful web designers are becoming. Computer Science Hero features a prominent how-to guide for entering this demanding field. If you are a creative individual, this may be the field for you. 


A stark contrast to the less tech-intensive web designer role is that of a cybersecurity analyst. You’ve heard of hackers, but did you know there’s a profession that uses those same hacking skills for good? Welcome to cybersecurity. Members of this field probe the systems companies have in place for weaknesses and then patch those weaknesses if necessary. 

While this profession does require coding skills, becoming a cybersecurity analyst can be an interesting and engaging career path, as covered by Bootcamp Rankings. Launching a career in this field is an excellent choice for anyone looking to discover a change of pace and career that can lead to a long-lasting future.


There is no right or wrong career path to follow during this pandemic. Some industries may not survive the disruption, but technology is altering these industries like never before. Anyone now has the ability to enter whatever field they choose using trade schools or bootcamps, so taking advantage of this opportunity is a must-do. Don’t allow yourself to be defeated if you have lost your job during the pandemic, or even if you simply dislike your job. Rather, launch a new and exciting career.