Ten Pro Tips To Improve Your Odds Of Winning Scratch-Offs Cards

Ten Pro Tips To Improve Your Odds Of Winning Scratch-Offs Cards

If you are genuinely a scratch-off person, maybe a scratch-off strategy is what you need. And onto the best, who doesn’t want to win a lottery or a scratch card?

But there’s a real catch with scratch-offs that come on a later part when the winner will get announced. That is at that peak moment when you think you will win, and at the blink of a moment, you know you are not! Unfortunately, you didn’t win scratchers this time.

No guaranteed way can make you win, but some ways will certainly double your chances of winning. Yes, a strategy will help get one step closer to being the big winner. So here are ten strategies and tips on how to win scratch offs every time that you should follow to win big:

1. Keeping the budget clear

In the field of gambling and lottery, participants are repeatedly asked to take care of their budget. Not knowing it is a disgrace to your gambling ability. Maintaining a budget is nothing like a scratch-off strategy; however, it is worth mentioning as poor finance management needs no time to bankrupt you.

Start your management by putting a mark; such as ‘this is where to spend money this week’ or ‘this is the money spending limit for the month’ and so on. There are many more ways to keep your finances secured. Once you have mastered it, strategies on winning scratch off every time will automatically get more accessible.

2. Checking the claimed prizes

Because selling cards of games whose top prizes have already been claimed is legal, some stores do it without you knowing. Again, this point is more like important information, but take it as a scratch ticket strategy so that you never forget to follow it. Also, to know more about the games’ status and don’t waste money on unnecessary cards, check out the State’s lottery website thoroughly.

3. Keep the old cards, even if you didn’t win through them

There are many stories from the past where a second chance game was held. In such second-chance drawings, you can turn your lost cards as win scratchers. To get first-hand knowledge of which games are available for a second chance draw, visit your state lottery’s website.

4. Look for all the cards that you still bought previously

Another great scratch ticket strategy you may follow for old cards is to properly check out the old card. Who knows that you mistakenly missed out on something, and the card instead was a winning card?

It can be anything, which is why the best thing you would do is visit the store and get cross-checked. Even if this scratch ticket strategy does not work, at least doing something over, nothing is superior.

5. Staying away from package promotions

Package promotions are scams, where older unsold cards are stuffed to clear the expired stock. The sellers of such packages cheat on people saying that it’s a steal deal, with offers and win scratchers inside. The box will mostly contain cards of games whose top prices had already been declared onto the real fish trap.

6. Using the ‘Singleton’ method

Singleton method is where you take an insight into numbers before buying them. In short, check out for a unique pattern that you know only win scratchers will have.

A couple of years back, this method was one of the best ways of working strategies. But once the manufacturer’s found out about this, they started making cards that would not obey the singleton method.

Presently still such cards are made but on a lesser note. And if you have found such a scratch card for yourself, kudos on that because now you know how to win scratch off every time.

7. Avoiding the cheapest scratch cards

Scratch cards are available on the market at innumerable options. That can instead end up as a mess, leaving you in sheer bewilderment at what to choose and what to leave out. There are various brands, offering different designed cards with ranging prices, of course.

Consider this as a significant scratch-off strategy; never invest in cheap cards but buy those that are a little costlier. Not sure about the brands nor designs, but one thing you should never get tempted is from the cheap cards.

Well, the more affordable ones will call you out even more. However, buying cheap comes at a cost. The more deficient rewards it has should be your keynote.

8. Not one, not two, but buying cards in bulk

Now that you have narrowed your options to the expensive and sound cards, you should move on to the second scratch-off a strategy that recommends you to buy tickets in bulk. This step simply outshines other strategies in terms of effectiveness.

But at the same time, get tickets in bulk and not one today, two tomorrow, or three. Afterward, when you buy 50 of them together, the odds are that a winning card should be somewhere around included in that dig.

Most players believe in this particular scratch-off strategy. Why? Because most of the time, it works.

Bulk of Scratch-Offs Cards

Author of image: Bill Smith from flickr

9. Checking any odds before buying them

Picking the best cards will be the most significant help you give yourself. While buying expensive cards are practical, knowing another level of odds will help you out even more. At the back of the card itself, you will see the odds printed.

Another great scratch off strategy to know the possible odds is asking the cashier itself. Corner those games that you hear like the ones with the best odds.

10. Using slots strategy

One of the best tips for winning scratch-offs (only recommended for those with extra leisure hours) is using the slots strategy. By that, it means that this strategy is something you would also want to apply for slot machines. When a slot hasn’t paid out in a long time, it will pay out to one person who luckily joins after long hours of losses.

Ask your cashier and learn which games have not given you win scratchers recently, and hop on to that game quickly to try your luck. This technique gives an equal probability of winning and losing. Because you can measure which time you should get accurately. The lucky person can either be you, the person ahead of you, or behind also. However, if the time is wholly accurate, you have your answer of how to win scratch-offs every time.


As a general participant, there is nothing available that will guarantee your win. Nevertheless, the tips mentioned above will surely make your way closer to winning. Implement the given tips for winning scratch-offs and see how lucky you get.

Out of all other tips, maintaining finances is the most critical, without which no other strategy will work out for you. Maintenance of the budget alone will help you out in many ways; whether you have any other winning scratch ticket strategy or not.


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